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The Truth Is
Neavana Rae Hunter
Christopher Maurice Brown

The truth is, certain things in life can change a person for all the wrong reasons, but sometimes, all they need is for someone to show them where they went wrong. The rest will hopefully fall into place.

Writer of 'Love At Its Hardest' & Achilles' Heel.

Chapter 46 - The Truth Is


“Christopher,” I voiced sternly, arms folded over my chest as my brows knitted together. My body language changed the moment he walked back into the main area after using the bathroom – but he looked more relaxed than ever, my call falling on deaf ears. 

We were all in the living room, huddled up mainly in the centre. Ty was somehow reading a textbook, undisturbed by the activity around him, while Sade, Raheem and Chris were taking it in turns playing a game using Mijo’s Xbox. Robyn sat with Mijo – Bow in a seat alone, texting or on Twitter. Julian, however – he always seemed to be busy lately, so he was nowhere to be found.

Today, like often, I was being antisocial, locked away from them all. But once I decided to leave my room, I came across an unpleasant surprise.

“Chris!” I called again, but he didn’t respond, his attention fully on his game. 

I rolled my eyes and walked towards him, only stopping behind the couch once I was stood to the right of his shoulder.


It took him a second because his attention was so invested in the game, but then he finally responded, “huh?” He paused, mouth still open, pressing the buttons on his controller harder. “What you… what you want babe?”

My upper lip edged outwards at the sound of that. I didn’t like being called ‘babe’, and he knew that. 

“What’s wrong with you?” I shot feeling my stomach rumble. Chris frowned as a delayed reaction and slightly turned his head hesitantly in my direction. “What I’d do?” He questioned.

I pulled a face and shifted most of my weight to my right side, arms folding again after I let them hang when I walked to him. 

At my silence, he turned his head again, then paused the game once he got a good look. 

“Man,” Raheem mumbled. “Y’all can’t do this later?”

We both ignored him even though I wanted to laugh at how irritated he was. His scrunched up expression and the way he slumped in his seat like a five year old was all amusing. But I kept my face straight while I stared dead a Chris.

With attitude I asked: “Who told you to eat my Krispy Kremes?” 

Chris’ freckled face turned from worry to humorous guilt in less than a second. It was beyond sweet and made me want to smile, but I was serious about those doughnuts. 

“Babe, erm… it wasn’t me?” He tried and failed horribly by turning his statement into a question to see if I’d believe him.

“Your little friends ratted you out,” I mugged as Sade and Robyn giggled. 

“Y’all just gon’ snitch like that?” He mumbled and Mijo shrugged, a small smile on his face. 

“We can share a lot of things Chris, but not food.” 

He dropped his jaw in shock but just as soon he began to laugh innocently. “You’re so mean!” He whined, dimples showing.

“Yeah, whatever; just know that you’re buying me a whole box before the end of the day. I’m not playing Chris.” 

I couldn’t feel any eyes on me apart from Chris’ and appreciated the way that no one really cared or paid attention to us. 

“And you couldn’t even leave me one? You really had to eat both?” 

Chris tugged at my arm, pulling one down and letting the opposite drop before taking hold of my hand and stoking it. “I was hungry,” he smiled sweetly, and like an idiot, I smiled too.


For the last thirty minutes of so, we were all settled, doing nothing important. I needed days like this sometimes, and so I was grateful.

“Anyway, you wanna come with me?” She asked.

“Like I did last night?” I smirked, my eyes staying on the screen showing me and Sade’s second game. 

At my words, I received a hard hit from Nea and could imagine her stale expression without having to see it – which made me chuckle.

“We didn’t do anything yesterday,” she mumbled, “and I meant dance. I’ve been meaning to get the hall free, and today’s the day.”

I was feeling lazy so I wasn’t planning on leave to go anywhere today. She’d have to go on her own or with someone else. 

“Nah, you good. Have fun though.” I poked out my lips for a kiss but all I got was Nea’s had running over my face. 

“You just gone diss me like that? Aight, cool.” 

Rae only giggled at me, getting up and skipping to her room.

Once her door closed, Ty said: “you dumb, you know that?”

For a split second I looked over at him to see that it was me he was taking to.


I saw him shrug from the corner of my eye. “If my girl was a ballet dancer, I’d go just to see her bend. You know they like classy strippers with the shit they do.” 

“You missing out on a private show,” Sade said, laughing a little. 

The movement of my fingers over the controller slowed down at their words and my mouth dropped open a little. 

Out of nowhere, I tossed the controller into Robyn’s lap and jumped over the couch because walking around would have taken too long. 

“Wait Rae, I’m going with you,” I yelled as they all laughed.


It was all a dream 
I used to read Word Up magazine 
Salt’n’Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine 
Hangin’ pictures on my wall 
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl 
I let my tape rock ‘til my tape popped
Smokin’ weed and bamboo, sippin’ on private stock 
Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack 
With the hat to match

“You dancing to this?” My face showed confusion, but she shook her head.

I had pleasantly watched Rae stretch in dumb stupid ways that I didn’t know she could, while only wearing a tank, leggings and her Ballet shoes with the ribbon laces. I was sitting on the laminated floors; my back was to the wall as she stood in front of the large mirrors, her ass facing me. Since I had the natural view of her from the back and the reflex of her front, I had a perfect seat.

Rae skipped several songs including Ordinary People, Bands A Make Her Dance, Birthday Cake and Lotus Flower Bomb before settling on Dance For You.

I just wanna show you how much I appreciate you, yes
Wanna show you how much I’m dedicated to you, yes
Wanna show you how much I will forever be true, yes
Wanna show you how much you got your girl feeling good. 

Once the song fully began and she was in the middle of the studio, she bent over and came up slowly, her legs crossed over as she stood on her tip-toes. She let one leg dip behind the other making her right ass cheek pop out. I licked my lips and watched her spin and add some foot work to it. 

Not only are you loyal, you’re patient with me babe, oh, yes
Wanna show you how much I really care about your heart,
Wanna show you how much I hate being apart, oh, yes
Show you, show you, show you, till you through with me,
I wanna keep it how it is so you can never say how it used to be

Nea was popping her top and bottom out so that he assets bounced out. She pushed her arms closer, causing her breasts to move closer together, squeezing them out — at the same time turning her head to the side, making me want to take advantage and bite on her neck.

But I know you know I’m the one
That’s why I’m all into you
‘Cause I can recognize that you know that
That’s why I’m backing this thing back
Pop-popping this thing back
Drop, drop, drop-dropping this thing back

Half way through the song was my favourite part; she had me grinning from ear to ear, and I knew she could see me because she tried to hold back from laughing. 

My two front teeth dug into my bottom lip harder and harder once Rae began to roll her hips, straightening out her body so that her arms where above her head, all the while, still on her toes. 

I could tell that she was adding all types of dance to it because once she began belly dancing, she had a nigga damn near moaning. I adjusted my leg— dick through my jogging bottoms as I kept my eyes her.

Boy I like it when you watch me, ah
Tonight it’s going down
I’ll be rocking on my babe, rocking, rocking on my babe,
Swirlin’ on my babe, swirlin’, swirlin’ on my babe
Baby let me put my body on your body
Promise not to tell nobody
‘Cause it’s ‘bout to go down

Her hands began touching her middle as she bit her bottom lip and let it go slowly. At an even lesser speed, she dropped into the slips, bouncing once her legs were fully spread out. Nea let her head hang down which made me feel like I should be under her. She slid one leg along to close the gap then span on her butt to get up. But when she stood up, leaned to one side and lifted her left leg up straight so that she was basically doing the splits stands up, that’s when it reached its peak. 

I’m a happy nigga.


After two and a half songs, Rae was on her break and sitting with me on the floor. I knew she was talking, but I was keeping up with ESPN on my phone so I was slightly, or maybe almost entirely distracted. 

“Bitch, are you listening to me?”

I cocked and eyebrow and slowly lifted my head.

“Huh? You just called me a bitch?”

Rae tried to keep it in but failed and laughed right in my face, her freckles rising with her cheeks as she went harder. 

I grabbed her ankle and stood up, dragging her across the floor like a rag doll. She was yelling while laughing and trying to tell me to stop, and even as she tried to wiggle out of my grip, I only held her tighter and turned her in circles to make her dizzy. Her ass was wiping the floor clean and I was having too much fun with this. Finally, I picked her up so that she was hanging upside down. 

“Oh my gosh nigga, let me down!” She whined as I laughed. “Yo ass better not let me drop, son!” 

It was like I was tarsan swinging one of my money friends from a tree. Nea’s hair was falling out of its bun and brushing against the ground. 

“Say I’m the best and you sorry.”

“Chris! Let me—ahh! Christopher!” I pretended that I was going to drop her on her head and she freaked the fuck out. I laughed loudly at her, holding onto my stomach with one hand.

“Nigga, say it!”

Rae wiggled about for half a minute but became tired and gave up. Her face was turning red now and her hair band had slipped out leaving her hair to brush against the ground.

“Say you’re sorry and I’m the best.”

“Man,” she mumbled and began to tell me what I wanted to hear, but muffled her words when it came to the apology. I shook her around by her ankle again and she started screaming at me.

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry. I’m sorry!”

From my smile, I burst out laughing and held her higher so that I could wrap my arm around her waist and turn her around. 

Our faces met – she was pouting and I was grinning. I chuckled and leaned in to kiss her.


“Chris, I’m bored!” I whined, stretching out the last word of my announcement because the virus had gotten to me so badly. I could bet money that almost everything that would come out of my mouth in the next five minutes would sound like irritating cries if Chubbs didn’t entertain me. Doing nothing but work for the last three hours had done nothing but beat my brain in and drain my mind of any trace of imagination. At first, I felt good knowing that I was getting much need work done, but now I was done. 

Chris ignored my call, head down in his books so closely that it looked as though he was trying to sniff the pages.

“Chris!” I fought the urge to kick his upper thigh with my foot because I knew it would annoy him, and gladly that thought was positive, seeing as I had almost forgotten about his injury. 

His attention didn’t budge one bit, and in the silence I thought about how I needed to fart from the multiple doughnuts I had eaten. But that wasn’t cute, so I held it in but burst out laughing from what I was thinking. The way I went from a chuckle, to a giggle, to a chortle, to a full blown laugh distracted Chris, and now he was looking at me – eyebrows raised and head turned on its neck.

“I feel sick,” I choked, laughing through my words as I leaned back, body trembling. 

“That’s what your New York ass gets for being greedy,” he half mumbled. 

I laughed some more, almost crying now, but forced my words out. “No one told you to eat my shit! I wouldn’t have been so excited about a fresh pack if you hadn’t eaten the ones in the fridge.”

Chris scrunched up his face, both confusion and amusement gracing it. His look was due to my constant and random laughter that seemed near endless.

“It’s because I’m bored!” I said painfully, my laugh turning into a fluctuating giggle as my eyes still watered. But then I stopped with all forms of laughter and settled on a frown, my eyes burning.

“Eh, what’s wrong with you?” Chris’ top tip was edged outwards with his brows drawn together, and soon his facial expression softened once he could see that I may actually cry. 

“Chris! I’m so bored, like I’m ‘bout to cry for real,” I said truthfully, believing that a few tears may escape. 

I detest boredom wholeheartedly. 

Now it was Chris’ turn to laugh, his raspy voice sending out sounds of his amusement in by pain. His deep baritone and rustling paper on my bed was all I could hear inside the room. 

“What you want me to do?” He asked helplessly but with a sweet smile on his face – like earlier on today, but without the guilt. 

“I don’t know,” I pouted, looking over at all the work I had to complete. 

“Well you gotta revise this shit or you’ll be shitting bricks when it comes to ya exams. You want that?” 

I pouted some more at his truthfulness.

“And you can wipe those tears yourself ‘cause you not serious,” he said, shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe my actions.

Silence fell at the end of his words, but I didn’t let that last very long.


I waited a while, but after that time, I was sure that he was ignoring me.

“Chubbs?” I tried again.

“Argh,” he groaned, his eyes back on the words in his book.

“Chubbs,” I called again, feeling a smile coming on.

“Man, Nea,” he mumbled with a breath as he readied his pen to write down some notes on the Russian civil war.

“Chubb-Chubbs,” I grinned, beaming.

“Stop calling me that,” Chris stressed while he screwed up his face with seriousness.

I found it all too funny, giggling to myself as I kept my eyes on the side of his face. The feel of my gaze on him made him reluctantly take a look at me, and when he did, I stuck out my pink tongue as far as I could to mock him and soften his face, bringing me some entertainment.

Chris dropped his eyebrows into a straight line and allowed a small smirk to place itself on his face, adding: “Don’t stick that tongue out unless you gone use it for good.”

Immediately, I mugged him, folding my arms over my chest and allowed my back to fall onto the headboard behind me. “Man, shut-up,” I mumbled, and he laughed.



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