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The Truth Is
Neavana Rae Hunter
Christopher Maurice Brown

The truth is, certain things in life can change a person for all the wrong reasons, but sometimes, all they need is for someone to show them where they went wrong. The rest will hopefully fall into place.

Writer of 'Love At Its Hardest' & Achilles' Heel.
Anonymous asked:
So today is May 3, 2014. Will you be finishing this story or not? I actually love this story. Please let me know! !

Tuesday 6th May, 2014. 11:57 am.

I plan on coninuing to write at the end of May. School comes first.

Anonymous asked:
No I meant what happened to make you leave for months?

I’ve been ill and I got worse during summer and I’m still trying to get back on my feet, but it’s so hard. I have to learn to find away to balance it, because it’s not something that will just go away. Then my brother got really really ill and I was always with him at the hospital and stuff. I also moved out of my house so I needed to get situated. And of course there is school, which is very demanding, and being ill when I have so much work to do is difficult enough

Anonymous asked:
Fuck the negative ass people! They have to understand you have your own health to worry about. Don't let them get to you love. Fuck their negativity. You're amazing!

You’re right. It’s just a little difficult sometimes because some people don’t understand that. I’m learning though. And thank you so much for the love!! It is very much appreciated, especially during this time xx

Hey boo how's everything? I've been missing your updates honestly. I hope everything's alright, just wanted to send some love!

I can’t complain too much, and I’m sorry! I miss being able to post updates. And thank you for the love; it’s much appreciated. I hope all is well on your side as well, hun

Anonymous asked:
I doubt it will be half assed since you said it wasn't edited a while ago unless you haven't done anything to the chapter since then

it’s edited, I’m just thinking of what needs to be added to it. And the anon sent that message the same day, or the day after I posted that comment/notice

Anonymous asked:

loooool, you’re right, I shouldn’t let it get to me

Anonymous asked:
I understand, I hope everything is ok <3

Thank you so much! xx

Anonymous asked:
What happened?

Two messages below made me less excited about the whole thing

Anonymous asked:
So when are you updating this month or no?

I was going to until I got the message below. If you guys still want it, then I will

Anonymous asked:
Please don't post anything if you're gonna just half ass do it. There's no point